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The sails are made to our design from modern high performance sail cloth by Jeckells and a number of other first class sail makers.

The advantages of using a Mk1 or Mk2 Flexible Luff Spar are

  • With either one or two reefs in the Main Sail, there is now no need to change the Genoa for a smaller sail, just furl as much as is required to give the correct balance. It is a fully functional roller reefing system integrated with the Genoa.
  • The spar is made from a material that makes it virtually indestructible. The danger of damaging a metal luff-foil, while raising or lowering the mast on a boat such as a Cornish Shrimper, is now a thing of the past.
  • The sail can be stored furled round the spar in one of our own long sail bag, preferably straight but it will coil up into a circle for transportation or when carrying it to or from the boat. It is a good idea to leave the furling gear attached to the spar for speed and ease of handling.
  • Rigging or removing the furled genoa is easier and quicker than a ordinary genoa.
  • It can be conveniently stowed in the boat if necessary
  • Minimal carriage cost, unlike a metal reefing foil, which can be considerable.

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A Mk1 design luff spar is attached to an existing genoa with no modification necessary to the sail. It is, however, possible for one of our approved sail makers to alter a relatively new genoa and upgrade it so that it can accept a Mk2 luff spar.

Only normal rig tension is required to make the reefing system work but a good halyard tensioning system and a means of tensioning the fore-stay are advisable.

This reefing system is tried and tested, but like all things, safety is ultimately in the hands of the helm and crew. When the wind picks up, having a reefing system will help you stay in control but the laws of sailing always apply. Only go out in conditions you feel comfortable in, shorten sail sooner rather than later and practice reefing both the genoa and main sail so that you can do either confidently and expeditiously.

The Mk1 and Mk 2 Flexible Luff Spar designs are protected by Patents GB2355703 & GB2411386 and the patents insured against unlicensed production.

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